Big Pete Little Pete

No one waits anymore…they are always on their phone – Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks)

Thank you for coming to this page and taking the time to read about the Branded Content opportunity below.

First of all we want to make it perfectly clear that given we have entered into a mobile first world it is clear there needs to be more short form entertaining content available for audience consumption, as a result this is a short episodic series, made primarily for mobile devices.  

This is an excellent opportunity for a brand with bravado, with irreverence, with chutzpah, who wants to capture the hearts and minds of the elusive, mobile addicted young 18 – 34, predominantly male demo.

The key to this project is film it in a ‘guerilla production’ style to match the context of the show itself, still good for viewers and even better for budgets and as important, the speed of which to keep the content coming in a timely fashion as not to lose the audience interest.

Our role will be that of creator/writer and producer, to ensure the production comes to life in meeting the audience engagement and budget.  

If you have an existing agency that you prefer to handle the lions share of the production we are happy to enter into a licensing deal  that works for all. 

The Summary

The Pitch: 30 something single guy Pete is a player who lives his life from one fling to another. He respects his penis so much he is convinced it , ‘little Pete’ , talks to him, helping him make decisions, shaping his next move.

The Format: 30 x 10 minute episodes – 300 minutes per season

The Outline: Big Pete Little Pete revolves around the life of Pete Harrow, a 30 something advertising executive who plays hard and loves women, all women! Throw in a couple of workmates, the pretentious boss, the mature younger sister, his geek flatmate, his widowed mother and the voice of a talking penis, Little Pete, and you’ve got the ingredients needed to make this fast paced raw comedy sitcom hit the mark. A multitude of episode story lines entwined in the continuous series.

Features: It offers shock appeal and a total fresh approach to the raw comedy genre. This is a universally known fact, the little head rules as such it will have broad appeal worldwide.

Audience: Predominantly Males & with fewer Females 18 – 34 – typically familiar with Entourage, Californication & Suits

Pete loves the city, loves his life and loves girls
Pete loves the city, loves his life and loves girls


Brief character outlines and general idea of the characteristics each actor will need.

Peter Harrow: Is a 32 year old mid-level Advertising Executive with one of the city’s leading agencies who lives and breathes everything about his single life, his city, his girls and advertising. But like all males his dick, Little Pete, is his constant adviser and is the biggest influence in his life.  Pete loves sport and loves a bet, winning as often as he loses, his favourite team is the Brisbane Broncos and he never misses a game. Pete is also into fine wines, is a bit of a foodie and is quite adventurous.  He is also extremely protective of his younger, more mature sister, Abbi.  Pete’s Father died when he was 12 and he was brought up by his Mother, Jacky Harrow.  Pete adores Jacky and speaks to her nearly everyday.  Jacky is always ‘right there’ for Pete to continue to get her advice, asked for or not.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • larrikin in nature
  • age range early to mid 30’s
  • very fit – good physique imperative
  • dark brown or black hair – mid-length
  • 186cm+ in height
  •  male caucasian

Little Pete: Pete Harrow’s constant adviser, voice only character.  Little Pete has no morals and is always pushing Pete into situations that he know he shouldn’t venture.  Not only does he continously harp on about getting laid but he also crosses over into general life, work and everyday advice for Pete.  Fair to say this character is pivotal in making the show standout from others.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • great with voices/impersonations
  • fast but clear talker
  • mid level voice range
  • comedy background ideal

Abbi Harrow: Pete’s younger sister who tends to be the maturer one of the two siblings was born three years after Pete, making her 29 on her next birthday.  Abbi is a single very attractive corporate lawyer that tends to hang around with Pete and his workmates quite often.  She is smart and she is sassy and knows how to hold her own when it comes to advancements from men, drinking with men or betting with men, she just fits in.  In her late 20’s she has managed to carve out a good reputation being part of the winning team on some quite public cases.  Abbi still enjoys a good relationship with her mother, Jacky, but tends to think that Pete get’s more of her love than she does.  Abbi is a fit girl who focusses on her health and well being and would be ready to settle down when Mr Right came into her life.  For now though, she is a determined career lawyer who knows how to have a great time.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • mid-late 20’s
  • average height
  • physically fit
  • sassy nature in a suit
  • can pull off the corporate player

Mark James: 34 year old Mark is one of two that are Pete’s best mates and is in the creative department of the same agency Pete works at.  Mark is one of those arty guys that have all the tell tale signs like the black rimmed glasses, short cropped hair, wears black t-shits, highly intelligent and is a vegetarian.  Mark knew no one when he arrived hear from the UK five years ago, an internal agency transfer from the London office, but he quickly got chummy with Pete and they often work together on client work and pitches. Mark lives with a couple members of a local rock band down in the Valley.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • early 30’s
  • male
  • UK or Irish accent
  • good teeth
  • reasonably fit
  • average height
  • hair length open

Paul Evans: Pete’s other best mate who went through high school with Pete.  Paul is a career media sales person and is currently working for one of the leading Out of Home companies as an Account Director.  Being a salesman Paul is often looking for the deal and picking people’s minds often to find out what is going on and trying to create angles that would help him get the sale or make him a fortune.  Paul is the same age as Pete and is married to his wife Beth who is not a huge fan of Pete, more Pete’s ways with women, but understands that he & Paul are life long friends and she would do nothing to ever change that.  Beth just warns both he and Paul all the time.  Pete was also best man at their wedding a year ago.  Paul & Beth also have an apartment in the city but are looking to move to the suburbs once they start a family.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • same age as Pete
  • male
  • can carry off the sale persona
  • gift of the gab

Dan Duple: Head of the agency and Pete & Mark’s boss who in their eye’s consider Dan as an absolute pretentious wanker.  Dan makes a point of letting everyone know he drives the latest BMW, lives with a model wife and has the perfect life in his Ascot terrace home.  He treats juniors in his office like rubbish and has a snivelling assistant to keep him informed, basically his snitch.   Everyone believes that the only reason he has remained the boss of the agency is due to his uncle owning their biggest client, Kleins Pet Foods.  His uncle knows this but as a favour to his sister he insited Dan remain at the top even though he has stuffed up more times than he ever should have.  Dan claims to be an expert in the ‘Advertising Trade’ but no one buys his story and as such nearly everyone in the agency simply work around him to get their job done.  He is lazy, he claims credit and only really shows himself when he has to. He has also threatened to fire Pete and Mark many times before but they have been doing great work on the Kleins, and others, account for a few years.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • mid forties
  • preferably under 175cm’s
  • hair or not
  • carrying a bit of weight
  • not athletic at all

Jeremy Lange: Pete’s flatmate and an absolute computer geek.  Jeremy is Rosco’s, their local bar owner, nephew and when he was moving to the city, Rosco asked the guys if anyone had a spare room that they could rent out, Pete at the time had one.  So Jeremy is a self taught computer geek who has come to the city from the country and is now working for a leading tech firm in software development.  Jeremy is a typically shy geek full of country innocence who works part-time at his uncles bar, The Mercury, he is also constantly amazed at how many conquests Pete has and has to awkwardly maneuver around strange girls in their apartment often.

Key casting aspects of the character:

  • nerdy type
  • early 20’s
  • tall & skinny
  • non-athletic
  • glasses
  • blonde hair
  • innocent

Other Characters:

Jacky Harrow – Pete & Abbi’s mother (think Jackie Weaver type)

Beth Evans – Paul’s wife, a high school teacher at one of the inner city private schools (think Rose Byrne type)

Rosco – Bar owner, Jeremy’s uncle and dispenser of advice for any that will listen (think Bruce Willis type)

Jennings – Dan Duple’s assistant snitch of the office (think Jonah Hill type)

Louise – Pete’s often waitress at the Ivy restaurant where he takes most of his dates (think Kate Hudson) Pete thinks she’s the girl he will eventually settle down with but she remains ungetatable.

Please Note: Actors applying for all roles need to be prepared for mid-level sex scenes and mid level nudity when and as required.


Production Details:

Location: Brisbane City and surrounds

Key Locations: The Mercury (bar), PTTO Advertising (the agency) , Pete’s apartment, The Ivy (restaurant)

Production Schedule: August/September mainly nights and weekends – allowing our day jobs to remain intact.

Payment Schedule: Deferred – All actors and crew will receive a percentage of the series, a type of shareholding.  The aim is for the series to have it optioned which will result in revenues shared amongst all the participants. As a note your share will be determined by hours committed to the project along with any equipment or location donations.

Auditions: Commencing August 6th

For those of you still interested please send me your details, head shots and bio via email to outlining which part you would like to audition for or what production specialty you can bring to the production.